What was the Adjusted Compensation Payment Act (1936)?

Introduction The Adjusted Compensation Payment Act (27 January 1936, Pub.L. 74–425, 49 Stat. 1099) was a piece of United States legislation that provided for the issuance of US Treasury Bonds to veterans who had served in World War I as a form of economic stimulus and relief. The act is sometimes considered to be part… Read More


What is the Citizenship (Armed Forces) Act 2014?

Introduction The Citizenship (Armed Forces) Act 2014 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that received Royal Assent on 13 March 2014 after being introduced on 19 June 2013. Purpose The bill amended the British Nationality Act 1981 in such a way as to not disadvantage foreign and Commonwealth members of the… Read More

What was the World War Adjusted Compensation Act (1924)?

Introduction The World War Adjusted Compensation Act, or Bonus Act, was a United States federal law passed on 19 May 1924, that granted a benefit to veterans of American military service in World War I. Provisions The act awarded veterans additional pay in various forms, with only limited payments available in the short term. The… Read More

What was the National Resources Mobilisation Act (1940)?

Introduction The National Resources Mobilisation Act, 1940 (4 George VI, Chap. 13) was a statute of the Parliament of Canada passed to provide for better planning of a much greater Canadian war effort (World War II), both overseas and in military production at home. Scope Modelled on the British Emergency Powers (Defence) Act 1939, as… Read More

What was the Wartime Prices and Trade Board?

Introduction The Wartime Prices and Trade Board is a former Canadian government agency, established on 03 September 1939, by the Mackenzie King government, under the authority of the War Measures Act, in the Department of Labour responsible for price controls and inflation control. Refer to World War II. Creation The Board was established to avoid… Read More

What was The October Crisis (1970)?

Introduction The October Crisis (French: Crise d’Octobre) refers to a chain of events that started in October 1970 when members of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) kidnapped the provincial Deputy Premier Pierre Laporte and British diplomat James Cross from his Montreal residence. These events saw the Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoking the War… Read More

What was the Military Voters Act (1917)?

Introduction The Military Voters Act was a World War I piece of Canadian legislation passed in 1917, giving the right to vote to all Canadian soldiers. The act was significant for swinging the newly enlarged military vote in the Union Party’s favour, and in that it gave a large number of Canadian women the right… Read More