Foreign Language Skill Maintenance Courses for Military Personnel

The British Army is offering foreign language skill maintenance courses for personnel. Courses are available to those with foreign language GCSE A-C/SLP 2222 or equivalent experience, who wish to advance their skill. Courses are delivered at Army Education Centres (AEC’s). Courses are available for the following languages: Arabic; Farsi; French; German; Hindi; Italian; Russian; and… Read More


Why the Military Also Needs to Focus on Linguistics

When most people hear the term “linguistics”, the first thing they picture is an individual who is capable of speaking numerous languages and works at the UN as an interpreter. This is not right though. Linguistics focuses on much more than just an interpretation. It is all about the psychology, structure, and the use of… Read More

10 Military Words & Phrases from World War One

The slang used by men in the First World War became popular and fashionable in wartime Britain, with a number of words and phrases remaining in the English language. Prior to the Great War, slang had mostly remained within the army but, during the war, it transferred from soldiers to civilians. Table 1: 10 Military… Read More