Why the Military Also Needs to Focus on Linguistics

Language Training at Fort Bragg

When most people hear the term “linguistics”, the first thing they picture is an individual who is capable of speaking numerous languages and works at the UN as an interpreter. This is not right though. Linguistics focuses on much more than just an interpretation. It is all about the psychology, structure, and the use of a language. Linguistics deals with both communication and nature of a language.

The military largely depends on communication. Without proper communication, the military would not have the ability to perform its duties. This suggests that they have to focus on linguistics. Linguistics is becoming more and more important not only because of the complication and development of various legal relations. Its importance is even more influenced by the constant increase in the volume of documents and texts, not only handwritten, but also stored in databases and on electronic media Buy Essay Club company declares. There are two main areas of focus in military linguistics. If you are in college studying and you think you have a shot at joining the military, understanding these two areas will be of much help to you. So, what are these two areas?

Main Areas of Focus in Military Linguistics

1. Linguistics in Writing

As you have probably already guessed, some of the military’s communications are done via writing. If someone is lacking in linguistics knowledge, there is a very high likelihood that he or she will not have the ability to communicate in an efficient manner. His or her written message may end up being misunderstood. In the military arena, being misunderstood is one thing that has to be avoided at all costs.

If you are in college and you want to join the army at some point as a linguist, you will have to handle various essays. Let’s assume that you are handling an argumentative essay. To make the essay compelling enough, you need to have knowledge of writing linguistics. Chances are, you have already written your essay. While it may look good in your eyes, you may have missed a lot of linguistic errors in your essay. At desperate times you could think please write my dissertation for me, EduBirdie but you could also give your own thoughts and knowledge a shot and trust your writing skills. You might even have the potential to produce a first class essay.

2. Linguistics in Oral Language

In the military, one more thing that cannot be ignored is the linguistics of oral language. Often, communications in the military will happen orally. Words and phrases have to be chosen correctly in order to convey the intended meaning. You would not want to be misunderstood by a counterpart when you are discussing something serious. Also, you would not want to decipher the wrong meaning of a phrase.

Often, the military does need people who are capable of understanding and interpreting different languages. A solid understanding of a particular language, linguistics, will make things easier for you if you happen to join the army as an interpreter.

Great Linguistic Skills Can Help You in the Army

If your goal after college is to work in the army, you have to develop your linguistic skills. In the army, mistakes have to be avoided. Ensuring that there are no misunderstandings in the army can go a long way to ensuring that the military succeeds in what it is doing.

This article shows you two key linguistic areas that a college student needs to focus on if s/he plans on working with the army. Your essays are used to judge your writing linguistic skills. Hence, make sure that the essays are all error free before handing them in.


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