Imposed vs Earned…

“Discipline must be imposed, but loyalty must be earned – yet the highest form of discipline exists only where there is mutual loyalty, up and down.” Major General Aubrey Newman (1903 to 1994) Aubrey ‘Red’ Newman graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point, Class of 1925. He retired as a US Army Major… Read More


Well Done…

“In command and leadership many qualities, attributes and techniques are required – including drive, force, judgement, perception and others. But nothing can replace the inspiration and lift that comes from commending a job well done.” Aubrey Newman (1903 to 1994) Major General Aubrey Strode “Red” Newman (1903–1994) served in the US Army for 34 years.… Read More

Comfortable Office vs Battle

“There is a vast difference between men sitting in a comfortable office with their ordinary food, sleep, etc., and the man as he is often, half crazy, temporarily insane, in battle. There are many more of the latter than most of us like to believe or think about. Very few of them are normal on… Read More

War: Principles & Formulas…

“A study of the principles of war will never provide a mathematical or intellectual formula for winning wars; but it will ensure that no single factor is omitted when one principle is being balanced against another. The decision itself is a test of leadership. Study provides the materials for inspection; the choice depends upon the… Read More

What is the Directorate Personnel?

The Directorate Personnel (DPers) is responsible for the employment, development and sustainability of British Army personnel, including regulars, reservists, contractors and civil servants. It is commanded by the Director Personnel, a Major General (2* or OF-7).

What is the Directorate of Personnel Capability?

The Directorate of Personnel Capability (DPers Cap) is responsible for developing British Army personnel strategy and engaging with Defence and the other services to shape and influence strategic personnel direction in order to sustain and enhance the operational effectiveness of the Army. DPers Cap is commanded by DPers, who holds the rank of Major General… Read More

The Importance of Understanding Your Job…

“There is no type of human endeavour where it is so important that the leader understands all phases of his job as that of the profession of arms.” James C. Fry (1897 to 1982) A Major General in the US Army who served as an infantry regiment and division commander during World War II and… Read More