Imposed vs Earned…

“Discipline must be imposed, but loyalty must be earned – yet the highest form of discipline exists only where there is mutual loyalty, up and down.”

Major General Aubrey Newman (1903 to 1994)

Aubrey ‘Red’ Newman graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point, Class of 1925. He retired as a US Army Major General and continued a career as a popular author of numerous articles and books, including writing a column for Army Magazine for 21 years.

He is known for his famous cry of “Follow Me!” on Leyte Beach as he rallied his troops and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions and leadership during the battle.

The Maj. Gen. Aubrey ‘Red’ Newman Award is presented to recognise outstanding junior officers and senior non-commissioned officers who “…are the embodiment of a leader and demonstrated excellence in mentoring.”


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