Are Stress Fractures Associated with Vitamin D Insufficiency?

Research Paper Title Femoral and Tibial Stress Fractures Associated with Vitamin D Insufficiency. Abstract The researchers describe a case highlighting the need to consider hypovitaminosis-D when investigating background causation and treatment of femoral and tibial stress fractures. The case also suggests that prescribing calcium and vitamin D supplementation may help with fracture healing in soldiers… Read More


Stress Fractures & Royal Marine Recruits

Research Paper Title Displaced Femoral Neck Stress Fractures in Royal Marine Recruits – Management and Results of Operative Treatment. Background Femoral neck stress fractures (FNSF) represent 3.5%-8% of stress fractures in military recruits; potentially resulting in medical discharge and/or complications. The incidence of displaced FNSF in the British Army has been reported as 1.8 in… Read More