They’ll Find Out…

“If you want to talk to men, it doesn’t matter whether they are private soldiers or staff officers, if you want to talk to them as a soldier, and not as a politician, there are only two things necessary. The first is to have something to say that is worth saying, to know what you… Read More


Does Smartphone Use Undermine Enjoyment of Face-to-Face Social Interactions?

Research Paper Title Smartphone use undermines enjoyment of face-to-face social interactions. Background Using a field experiment and experience sampling, the researchers found the first evidence that phone use may undermine the enjoyment people derive from real world social interactions. Methods In Study 1, the researchers recruited over 300 community members and students to share a meal at… Read More

Truth & Survival…

[What] has no survival value. “…since ‘pure’ truth not only does not exist, it has no survival value whatsoever.” (Wilden, 1972 & 1980, p.303). Although often credited to Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman talking about violent encounters (Buckeye Firearms Association, 2015): “Denial kills you physical, mentally, and financially. It has no survival value. Chew it up, spit… Read More

Training Transfer & Motivation to Learn: Supervisor’s have a Supporting Role

Research Paper Title Supervisor’s Role as an Antecedent of Training Transfer and Motivation to Learn in Training Programmes. Background Training and development programme literature highlights two major characteristics of a supervisor’s role: support and communication. The ability of supervisors to provide adequate support and practice good communication style in relation to training programmes may lead to… Read More

Leading Virtual Teams

Leading a virtual team is a challenge faced by many, whether an organisation has one person working from home, to having a team spread around the world on different time zones. Citing research that estimates an 800% increase in virtual working over the past five years, the authors examine the critical leadership skills needed in… Read More