Discussing the Impact of Burnout on Physiology & Operational Performance

Research Paper Title The Impact of Burnout on Human Physiology and on Operational Performance: A Prospective Study of Soldiers Enrolled in the Combat Diver Qualification Course. Abstract In the course of training and in their work, military personnel are often required to spend considerable time under intense conditions with other people. Due to the performance demands and the… Read More


Linking Cardiac Vagal Tone, Performance & (High) Stress

Research Paper Title Relation between cardiac vagal tone and performance in male military personnel exposed to high stress: three prospective studies. Background Vagal tone has been proposed both as an index of emotion regulation and cognitive ability. Methods To assess the relation between vagal tone and emotion regulation and cognitive ability, the present research prospectively… Read More

What are the Energy Requirements of US Army Special Operation Forces during Military Training?

Research Paper Title Energy requirements of US Army Special Operation Forces during military training. Background Special Operations Forces (SOF) regularly engage in physically demanding combat operations and field training exercises, resulting in high daily energy expenditure, and thus increased energy requirements. However, the majority of studies assessing energy requirements of SOF have been conducted on… Read More