Linking Insomnia, Psychiatric Disorders & Suicidal Ideation in Canadian Armed Forces Personnel

Research Paper Title Insomnia, psychiatric disorders and suicidal ideation in a National Representative Sample of active Canadian Forces members. Background Past research on the association between insomnia and suicidal ideation (SI) has produced mixed findings. The current study explored the relationship between insomnia, SI, and past-year mental health status among a large Canadian Forces (CF)… Read More


Canadian Armed Forces Values & Standards

Canadian Armed Forces Principles and Values The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), consisting of the Canadian Army (CA), Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), have a shared code of values and ethics. Principles: Respect the Dignity of All Persons. Serve Canada before Self. Obey and Support Lawful Authority. Values: Integrity: Serve the… Read More

World War I and Canadian Medical Volunteers

Research Paper Title Western University (No. 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital and No. 14 Canadian General Hospital): a study of medical volunteerism in the First World War. Abstract The Canadian government depended on chaotic civilian volunteerism to staff a huge medical commitment during the First World War. Offers from Canadian universities to raise, staff and equip… Read More

A Profile of the Canadian Armed Forces, from 2008

Research Paper Title A Profile of the Canadian Forces. Outline Canada’s military makes up a small but significant segment of Canadian society. The Canadian Forces (CF) are an important part of the country’s national image, both at home and abroad. On the international front, these highly trained men and women are repeatedly called upon to participate in the humanitarian, peacekeeping and… Read More

Charting the Development & Validation of a Physical Fitness Test & Maintenance Standards for Canadian Forces Diving Personnel

Research Paper Title Phase III Report: Development and Validation of a Physical Fitness Test and Maintenance Standards for Canadian Forces Diving Personnel. Abstract The objectives of Phase III were to develop a physical fitness test battery and maintenance standards for Canadian Forces Diving Personnel, specifically Clearance (Cl), Ships’ Team (ST), Port Inspection (PID) and Combat (Cbt) divers. Phases I and II were… Read More