Perspectives & Experiences of Women in the Canadian Armed Forces

Report Title

Women and Leadership in the Canadian Forces: Perspectives and Experience.


This volume, through its exclusive focus on the experiences of women, addresses an important aspect of the current and future leadership of the Canadian Forces. The experience of women in the Canadian Forces is in many ways the same as that of their male peers; however, it is also unique from that of men in some ways and at some times. Such an acknowledgement in no way undermines the significance of the shared responsibilities and challenges that Canadian Forces members, male and female, confront as leaders and as teams. The voices that have contributed to this volume agree, without exception, that they joined the military to be part of the team, serve the people of Canada, and share experiences with others, regardless of gender. However, in achieving this shared experience they have had to reconcile and manage the fact that they are women, in various ways. The volume represents a valuable resource for servicewomen who are developing their leadership acumen, as well as those leaders, male and female, who are leading increasingly diverse teams that include women and men from all corners and cultures of Canadian society.

Read the full report: Women & Leadership in the Canadian Forces (Davis, 2007).


Davis, K.D. (ed) (2007) Women and Leadership in the Canadian Forces: Perspectives and Experience. Ontario: Canadian Defence Academy Press.


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