How can BJJ Help improve Both your Mental and Physical Health?


Brazilian jiujitsu (BJJ) is a popular form of martial arts as it teaches not only martial arts skills, but helps to improve endurance, keep the body in shape, and also building up strength to take any challenge head-on. Furthermore, as a form of exercise, BJJ can have a positive impact on mental health and improve well-being. Although mental health care cannot be replaced by BJJ, like any form of moderate/intense exercise, it can have a positive influence on the brain and body. As such, BJJ can be an ideal sport either solely or in addition to your exercise regimen.

Below we briefly outline six reasons how BJJ can help improve mental and physical health.

Improving Connections

Humans are social animals and we need to interact with friends and family, and the general community. Being socially isolated can result in devastating effects on mental health. Sharing a passion for BJJ, as a sport, will open up opportunities to interact with like-minded people. The BJJ community is welcoming and embraces people with open arms.

Releasing Endorphins

The body releases mood-altering chemicals called endorphins during exercise. During training your body will release endorphins that can aid in mitigating low mood and help you feel energetic. Not only that, but a regular exercise routine will also help maintain mental health in the long run. It is well known that research has been proven that exercise itself has a plethora of physical health benefits like improving blood circulation, aiding weight management, detoxification, aiding our immune system, and boosting metabolism.

Improving Focus

Practitioners of BBJ find that this sport aids with maintaining attention and focus. BJJ requires participants to respond to an opponents moves and sharpens reaction skills, which requires attention and focus, and this can be improved with training. When training, it is advised by the experts at to learn each step and practice them with a partner if you do not pick them up quickly, and after some time, you will naturally feel that your focus is improving, not only in the gym but outside while doing everyday activities. However, if you have long-term issues with focusing and attention problems consult an appropriately qualified specialist.

Mental Health Booster

Research demonstrates that BJJ can have positive effects on mental and physical health. One particular study revealed that physical activity reduces depression and anxiety over time and helps manage various mental health conditions. Another notable study suggested that a challenging sport or physical activity can improve one’s self-image, confidence in socialising, and boost cognitive functions of the brain. Most people may not find jogging or working out interesting enough, so trying out an activity like BJJ might prove to be a fun and interactive way to get the exercise you need. Furthermore, following a routine is another problem faced by many physical activity enthusiasts. To aid with this, most BJJ gyms provide a schedule to follow, that allows ample time for training while also forming a habit of practicing a challenging routine.

Ward Off Stress

Negative stress, building-up over time, can be detrimental to one’s mental and physical health. BJJ can serve as a medium to channel your frustration physically, as it can exhaust the body (from the effort required), lets you regain your energy, and gives you the time to ponder upon your problems with a new approach. Furthermore, a daily session of BJJ can aid in pushing away negative thoughts lingering in your subconsciousness and help you consider things with a clear mind.

Improving Self-Esteem

Being physically fit aids in elevating your self-esteem and help you socialise with more confidence. It is natural to feel a sense of pride as BJJ is a very physically demanding activity. BJJ can aid in teaching you persistence and you will feel your hard work paying off in your general demeanour. Wins and losses in BJJ are always taken with the utmost respect, and the sport itself fosters an environment of support and learning despite the physical demands required during participation.


If you are looking for an activity that supports your mental and physical health, then consider BJJ as an option. BJJ can aid in improving socialisation, exercise, improving focus, acting as a mental health booster, and combating of (negative) stress, as well as improving self-esteem. However, remember, if you are struggling with a mental health condition make sure you seek appropriate support.


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