These 5 Tips Will Help Keep You Motivated to Work Out Regularly

Beginnings are always hard and we are all masters of finding excuses for just about anything. We either don’t have enough time, or money, or energy to do some things we know we are supposed to do and just avoid them all the time for whatever curious reason.

We all know working out is healthy and important for our body and mind and we also know when Monday is, but we just can’t make a decision and finally start treating our body the way it deserves.

Even if you enrolled in fitness classes at a local gym, staying disciplined and keeping up with a schedule can sometimes be very hard. Here are some simple tips from professional trainers on how to keep that motivation and inspiration level up high.

Change your attitude

Changing your attitude while comfortably sitting on your couch eating junk food can be very difficult, but it actually takes very little effort just to tell yourself “Why not”. We all want to look and feel good now, don’t we?

That very feeling of accomplishment after you’ve done a few exercises will quickly enough get you into active mode and you will never again want to be a couch potato again. You can find motivation in various things, for example, start by looking at yourself in the mirror and asking if you are satisfied.

Maybe you want to set a good example for your children by looking healthy and good and thus they’d probably follow your steps. Maybe you want to impress a person of interest, your husband, wife, partner or a crush.

The point here is that it is not very hard to find motivation, after all, it’s your body, your temple and you want for it to be the best it can, like building up the best version of yourself.

Setting a goal

This is very important in almost every aspect of your life. Whatever you try to do and whatever you want to focus your energy on, it is very important to set some sort of goal and work towards it every day, little by little. That way you will have a clearer path towards it with each passing day because you will see and feel the progress you are making very soon.

Of course, it is also important to choose some realistic goal, something you know you will be able to achieve after a while. This sort of reminds me of a video game, and a character you make in it, you start from 0 and work your way to 100.

If you apply that logic to real life the fun is even greater because that character is you. You can even write those goals down on a piece of paper and hang them on the wall just to remind you how much you’ve progressed.

You are the boss here, you determine your goals. They can be as simple as trying to fit into those old jeans or maybe you want be in shape for the upcoming summer. Examples are basically limitless and there is nothing standing in your way but yourself.

Make a schedule and stick to it no matter what

It is important to have a schedule, or at least a certain time of day when you know that you will have enough time to dedicate to exercise without being disturbed. Some people like to start at the crack of dawn to treat themselves with that extra boost of energy to kick start their day and somewhat truly wake up and feel more alive. There is no coffee or any other stimulant which can give you that strength and energy the exercise provides.

Maybe you are more of an evening person and like exercise when all your daily routines and obligations are complete. Routine is the right word here, exercise should become one of your basic daily activities, just like brushing your teeth or getting dressed.

You can either write your schedule down or use reminders on your phone or tablet, whichever medium you choose, this part of your day should be highly important and you should rearrange your other obligations accordingly.

It’s all about having fun

This might sound a bit silly but it’s actually true, we try to find a way to have fun with anything we do, or at least try to change things around a bit just to avoid monotony. Same rules apply to our topic here, you need to think about fun and interesting ways to exercise, something that fits you, your interests, lifestyle, and preferences.

That way, not only your daily exercise will be more fun, but you will look forward to them. If you like to run then changing the scenery and location can bring something completely new to the same old thing you’ve been doing for a while. You don’t like to run? Maybe dancing is your thing?

As you start exercising you will become more open to new ideas and you will be hungry for new challenges and tests for your body. That is the right philosophy and the best thing you can do; expand, seek variation, have fun and repeat.

Get support from others

You can do all this alone, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it’s much more fun exercising in the company of a friend. It’s easy to just keep hitting the snooze button in the morning, but there’s no greater motivation when you know your buddy is waiting for you and that you two are working towards the same goal.

You can even get support online by joining communities with professional trainers and nutritionists. It is much easier knowing that there are more people with same questions, concerns, and goals. It is proven that people who turn to online communities tend to be much more successful in their exercise. You can also try to lobby your workplace to offer Pilates, yoga or fitness classes.

Options are plenty, what you need to do is configure your mind to think as that of an athlete, be active, set goals, seek friends, make schedules and have a lot of fun doing that. This type of life will wake you up from your passive everyday nagging and a boring gray and lifeless routine, and introduce happiness and more energy for anything you choose to do.

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