Using Business Intelligence to Move the Limits of Military Experience


Past experience is important as an aid for making good decisions, both for planning and conduct of military operations. But today’s methods for gathering experience have substantial limitations.

Assume that a large number of common operational pictures (COPs) from a given command and control information system (C2IS) are saved in a database. By using new in-memory technology originally developed for use in Business Intelligence, extended with an advanced interface to a geographical information system (GIS), powerful applications for interactive analysis of such historical databases can be realised.

Such applications will provide opportunities to achieve considerably higher insight into what has happened in military missions, both on the macro and detailed levels, than what has been possible until now. This idea has been explored through a prototype application, with very promising results.


Oren, O. (2011) Moving the Limits of Military Experience. The International C2 Journal. 4(2), 2010-2011. Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 16 August, 2016].



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