Is Excessive BMI Increase during Puberty is a Risk Marker of Adult Cardiovascular Mortality?

Research Paper Title Association between excessive BMI increase during puberty and risk of cardiovascular mortality in adult men: a population-based cohort study. Background Being overweight during childhood and adolescence is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease in adulthood, but the relative contribution of prepubertal childhood BMI and BMI change during puberty to adult mortality… Read More


A Third of Overweight Teenagers Don’t Think They Are!

A study, reported in the British Medical Journal (BMJ, 2015), that asked 4,979 adolescents aged 13-15 if they thought they were too heavy, about right, or too light found that almost half of overweight or obese boys (47%) and a third (32%) of overweight or obese girls identified themselves as ‘about the right weight’ or… Read More

Would More Physical Education Reduce Youth Overweight?

The prevalence of youth overweight has risen dramatically over the past three decades in the US and now represents an epidemic. Since 1970, the fraction of children that are overweight has nearly quadrupled among 6 to 11 year olds and more than doubled among 12 to 19 year olds. Currently, one in six children aged… Read More