A Third of Overweight Teenagers Don’t Think They Are!

A study, reported in the British Medical Journal (BMJ, 2015), that asked 4,979 adolescents aged 13-15 if they thought they were too heavy, about right, or too light found that almost half of overweight or obese boys (47%) and a third (32%) of overweight or obese girls identified themselves as ‘about the right weight’ or… Read More


Does Weight Gain in Infancy & Childhood Predict Variability in Adolescent Physical Activity

Research Paper Title Infancy and Childhood Growth and Physical Activity in Adolescence: Prospective Birth Cohort Study from Brazil. Background The Developmental Origins of Health and Disease hypothesis suggests that intrauterine, infancy and early childhood variables play a key role at programming later health. However, little is known on the programming of behavioural variables, because most… Read More