A New Way…

“You can’t say civilization don’t advance. For every war, they kill you a new way.” Will Rogers (1879 to 1935) William Penn Adair Rogers was an American entertainer, famous for his pithy and homespun humour. Advertisements Advertisements


The Two Types of Conscientious Objector

The Armed Forces of the United States of America (USA) place conscientious objectors into two categories: Class 1-O; and Class 1-A-O. Conscientious Objector Class 1-O A member who, by reason of conscientious objection, sincerely objects to participation in military service of any kind in war in any form. Conscientious Objector Class 1-A-O A member who,… Read More

Release the Tension through War…

“The urge to gain release from tension by action is a precipitating cause of war.” Captain Sir Basil Liddell Hart (1895 to 1970) Commonly known throughout most of his career as Captain B. H. Liddell Hart, was a British Army officer, military historian and military theorist.

War vs Peace…

“To be prepared for war is the most effective means of preserving peace.” George Washington (1732 to 1799) General George Washington, also called Father of His Country, was an American general and commander in chief of the colonial armies in the American Revolution (1775-1783) and subsequently first president of the United States (1789-1797).