What was the Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps?

Introduction The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), known as Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps (QMAAC) from 09 April 1918, was the women’s corps of the British Army during and immediately after the First World War. It was established in February 1917 and disbanded on 27 September 1921. Brief History The corps was formed following a… Read More


What was the Auxiliary Territorial Service?

Introduction The Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS; often pronounced as an acronym) was the women’s branch of the British Army during the Second World War. It was formed on 09 September 1938, initially as a women’s voluntary service, and existed until 1 February 1949, when it was merged into the Women’s Royal Army Corps. The ATS… Read More

Establishing Women’s Military Services in Britain

Research Paper Title The Women’s Corps: The Establishment of Women’s Military Services in Britain. Abstract This thesis is an account of the ‘Women’s Corps movement’: the efforts to organise women’s non-industrial employment, which led to the establishment of women’s military services in Britain during the First World War. The author survey’s the background to their introduction both… Read More