Who was Louise Thuliez (French Resistance Fighter)?

Introduction Louise Thuliez (12 December 1881 to 10 October 1966) was a French schoolteacher, resistance fighter during World War I and World War II and author. Life and Career Thuliez was born in Preux-au-Bois, northern France on 12 December 1881. When World War I broke out, Thuliez was working as a teacher in Saint-Waast-la Vallée.… Read More


Who was Judith Auer?

Introduction Judith Auer (née Vallentin) (19 September 1905 to 27 October 1944) was a resistance fighter against the Nazi régime in Germany. Early Life Auer was born in Zürich. Her father was the communist writer, Erich Vallentin. After her parents’ untimely death in 1917. Judith was brought up by a well-to-do Jewish family. She completed… Read More