Men: Exercise, Health & Risk Factors

Research Paper Title Effectiveness of Exercise Intervention and Health Promotion on Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Middle-aged Men. A Protocol of a Randomized Controlled Trial. Background Although cardiovascular disease has decreased, there is still potential for prevention as obesity and diabetes increase. Exercise has a positive effect on many cardiovascular risk factors, and it can significantly… Read More


Research: Friends, Middle Age & Wellbeing

Having a large network of friends is critical to the psychological wellbeing of middle aged adults. Researchers used information collected from over 7000 adults born in Great Britain in 1958. Having fewer friends at age 45 was associated with poorer psychological wellbeing at age 50, over and above the differences accounted for by educational factors,… Read More

Research: Fitness, Middle Age & Dementia

Fit Middle Aged Adults Have A Lower Risk of Dementia A new study from the US has confirmed that the fitter you are in mid-life, the less likely you are to develop dementia later. The authors studied a cohort of nearly 20,000 healthy, well educated, and affluent adults from Texas who had a fitness test… Read More