Knee Pain & Injuries

The knee is a frequently injured joint, with its ligaments, menisci (a thin fibrous cartilage between the surfaces of some joints), and patellofemoral (knee) joint vulnerable to acute and repetitive use damage. Most knee injuries require exercise training for rehabilitation, and some require surgery as well. Predisposing factors to knee injury include the following: Lower… Read More


The Bodyweight Squat & 3D Knee Joint Moments

Research Paper Title Three-dimensional Knee Joint Moments during Performance of the Bodyweight Squat: Effects of Stance Width and Foot Rotation. Background The purpose of this investigation was to assess the effects of stance width and foot rotation angle on three-dimensional knee joint moments during bodyweight squat performance. Methods Twenty-eight participants performed 8 repetitions in 4… Read More

Running Injuries & Illness 03

Patellar Tendinopathy Patellar tendinopathy (PT) is classically seen in jumping athletes. However, it is also a relatively common injury in runners due to the repetitive nature of the discipline. Recurrent overload within the tendon results in micro-trauma and continued activity leads to degeneration and failed healing. This may start as an inflammatory process and progress… Read More