Consumer Fitness Spending & Confidence Levels

Spending on leisure and fitness activities increased dramatically during the second quarter of the year, driven by “record levels of consumer confidence”. The figures come from Deloitte’s Leisure Consumer Q2 2018 report, which places fitness among the fastest growing leisure sectors – increasing on both a year-on-year and quarterly basis. Spending on gyms and fitness increased by 2%, as did spending… Read More


Assessment Centres: The Gold Standard (Well Sort of)

Assessment Centres are considered the gold, if somewhat expensive, standard for selecting candidates for a job or role. However, there are perils if you do not know what you are doing, as demonstrated below. An excerpt from People Management (p.23): “The employer had developed a candidate assessment centre with exercises that scored people according to… Read More

The Measure of a Leader

Can leaders be identified by psychometrics? Spotting a good manager is hard. Some firms think psychometric tests help and, as a result, an industry has appeared to supply them. No one knows how big it is, but the vendors of such tests estimate it to be worth between $2 billion and $4 billion a year,… Read More