What is a Subedar-Major?

Introduction Subedar Major is the senior-most rank of junior commissioned officer in the Indian and Pakistani Armies, formerly known as the Viceroy’s commissioned officer in the British Indian Army. Refer to Subedar and Jemadar. Brief History During the British Raj, Battalion Subedar-Major was the highest rank natives could achieve. He would serve as a representative… Read More


What is a Jemadar?

Introduction Jemadar or jamadar is a title used for various military and other officials in the Indian subcontinent. Refer to Subedar and Subedar-Major. Etymology The word stems from Urdu (جمعدار), which derives through Persian jam(a)dar from Arabic jamā‘a(t) ‘muster’ + -dār ‘holder’. Pre-Colonial A jemadar was originally an armed official of a zamindar (feudal lord)… Read More

What was the Corps of Guides?

Introduction The Corps of Guides, also known as the Queen’s Own Corps of Guides, was a regiment of the British Indian Army made up of British officers and Indian enlisted soldiers to serve on the North West Frontier. As originally raised in 1846, The Guides consisted of infantry and cavalry. It evolved through the 20th… Read More