Smart Phone Apps for Asthma: Any Quality Assurance Issues?

Research Paper Title The Evolution of Mobile Apps for Asthma: An Updated Systematic Assessment of Content and Tools. Background Interest in mobile apps that support long-term conditions such as asthma is matched by recognition of the importance of the quality and safety of apps intended for patient use. We assessed how changes over a 2-year… Read More


Can Healthy People Gain from Health Apps?

Yes (Iltifat Husain): A health app is a piece of smartphone software that purports to offer the user some health benefit. Many of these apps are aimed at people with diagnoses; for example, they teach the correct use of an asthma inhaler or collect blood pressure results by syncing wirelessly with a blood pressure monitor. But many are aimed at… Read More

Smartphones & the Promotion of Physical Activity

Research Paper Title Effectiveness of a Smartphone Application to Promote Physical Activity in Primary Care. Background Physical inactivity is a major, potentially modifiable, risk factor for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Effective, simple, and generalisable interventions that will increase physical activity in populations are needed. Aim To evaluate the effectiveness of a smartphone… Read More

Is There any Evidence that Sports Injury Prevention Apps Work?

Research Paper Title Sports Injury Prevention in your Pocket?! Prevention Apps Assessed Against the Available Scientific Evidence: A Review. Background High costs and personal burden follow sports and physical activity-related injuries (SPRI). The last decades’ knowledge on how to prevent SPRIs has grown. Past years’ eHealth is emerging and mobile applications (apps) helping to prevent… Read More