What is the Peresvet (Laser Weapon)?

Introduction The Peresvet (Russian: Пересвет, named after Alexander Peresvet, also a wordplay, pere-svet means “supra-light”) is a Russian laser weapon. Most of the information about the complex remains secret; however, according to experts, it is supposed to perform the tasks of Air Defence and Missile defence. The Peresvet is one of the six new Russian… Read More


Who was Radoje Ljutovac?

Introduction Radoje Ljutovac (04 September 1887 to 25 November 1968) was a Serbian soldier from the village of Poljna, Serbia. Private Radoje Ljutovac fought in the First World War in the Serbian Army, and is officially credited with the first shooting down of a military aircraft with Ground-to-Air artillery fire. Balkans War During the Balkan… Read More

What is the Air Defence & Electronic Warfare Systems (ADEWS) Team?

The Air Defence and Electronic Warfare Systems (ADEWS) Team, part of the ISTAR Operating Centre,  sits within D ISTAR under PDG 3 and is based at RAF Henlow. They are responsible for: Ground Based Air Defence Sensors; Ground Based Electronic Warfare Training Systems (Spadeadam); and Non-MARSHALL Airfield support systems. They are also responsible for all activities including development,… Read More