What is the Air Defence & Electronic Warfare Systems (ADEWS) Team?

The Air Defence and Electronic Warfare Systems (ADEWS) Team, part of the ISTAR Operating Centre,  sits within D ISTAR under PDG 3 and is based at RAF Henlow.

They are responsible for:

  1. Ground Based Air Defence Sensors;
  2. Ground Based Electronic Warfare Training Systems (Spadeadam); and
  3. Non-MARSHALL Airfield support systems.

They are also responsible for all activities including development, manufacture, in-service support, through-life management, inventory management and disposal.

They currently support the following equipment:

  • Radars: T101 Radars, T102 Radars, T92 & TPS 77 Radars.
  • EW: AD-Weapon Tracking Systems, Emulators, and Simulators.
  • Support Systems: Radios, CYFAS Controller, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) in Gibraltar & Falkland Islands, T101 Radar Voice Recorder, Telebrief, ARIP, School of Air Battlespace Management (SABM) Simulator at RAF Boulmer.


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