What is the Situational Awareness Command & Control (SACC) Team?

The Situational Awareness Command and Control (SACC) Delivery Team, part of the ISTAR Operating Centre, is responsible for the procurement and in-service support of Airspace Battle Management (ABM) and Tactical Data Link (TDL) equipment and systems.

The ABM portfolio includes:

  • Support to fixed and deployable Air Command and Control (C2) systems, and a number of related data link systems. Projects include the UK and Falkland Island Air C2 system (UCCS and FCCS), the deployable Tactical Air C2 systems (TACC), Air Defence Systems Integrator (ADSI), Air Defence Ground Environment Datalink Buffer Systems (ADLBS), Ship Shore Ship Buffer (SSSB) and Control & Reporting Centre System Integrator (CSI).
  • Delivery of projects to sustain, replace and improve ABM equipment in line with MOD requirements.

The TDL portfolio includes:

  • Support to In Service Tactical Data Links across a number of MOD platforms including Link 11, Link 16 and associated TDL network management tools and services including Interoperability Testing and the Joint Network Management
    System (JNMS).
  • Delivery of projects to sustain, replace and improve TDL equipment in line with MOD requirements.


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