A Simple Guide To Staying Motivated On Your Fitness Journey


Getting and keeping ‘in shape’ is a difficult task that takes dedication and determination. Many individuals desire to start getting in shape, but owing to a variety of issues, they are unable to do so regularly. We will attempt to briefly outline, with the below 3-point guide, how to stay motivated in your fitness journey and how to maintain your fitness.

Make a Plan

A written workout plan not only lays out the day but also lays out the larger picture for the coming weeks or months. In other words, a predetermined plan specifies the tasks that must be completed to achieve the goal. On the contrary, going to the gym without a plan is a frequent occurrence for most people. They may have a rough concept of what they will do for a workout, but they may change their minds once they arrive. Or perhaps they always do the same routine. While the aforementioned technique may work for some, the basic reality is that development is difficult without a plan in place. Progressive overload is unlikely to occur if the exercises, weights, reps, and sets are all the same. There will likely be no (or limited) development, and achieving the intended goals may be difficult.

With this in mind, you should keep track of your progress – that way you will know how much you have improved over time. Use a calendar, for example, where you can write all the information that interests you. You could even utilise special equipment which will monitor how many steps you have taken. There are different bands for Fitbit Charge 2 that can accompany your style. Fitbit Charge 2 is an excellent tool that keeps track of how many steps you take each day, how many stairs you climb, how many calories you burn, how far you travel, your heart rate, and how well you sleep. It will display notifications from your smartphones, such as missed calls and calendar reminders. If you keep track of what you do, you can see whether you are satisfied with the pace of the progress, so you can keep up the pace accordingly.

Hiring a Fitness Coach

Fitness coaches do more than just urge clients to eat less and exercise more. They teach behavioural modification methods and assist people in overcoming psychological barriers that keep them stuck in a bad habit cycle. Working with a fitness coach is a long-term commitment. A dedicated coach will ensure that you keep your word. We have all (undoubtedly) succumbed to the pressures of television and pizza, or the need for an extra hour of sleep. When additional temptations emerge, your coach will urge you to get to the gym and take care of your exercise. What is very beneficial when you hire a coach is that they usually know the best way to reach your goal because of their experience. Together, you can devise a strategy that, if followed, will ensure that you achieve your goal. When you are feeling down, you can just rely on them to keep you going. For some, it could be expensive to hire a coach, but if able, you should look into finding one, especially if you are prone to giving up.

Call a Friend to Keep You Company

You have undoubtedly heard another person claim that they do not want to go to the gym or run since they do not have someone with them. While this may be only an excuse for some not to go, it is a serious issue for others. As a result, if you have the opportunity, speak with friends and family members to see if they wish to accompany you. If they claim they do not want to exercise, you may simply tell them that you need their help so that you can complete the exercises you have planned. Also, if none of your close friends or family members are willing to accompany you, look for someone from your school or community to accompany you. If it does not work, go to your gym and find someone with whom you can socialise. You should speak with many people until you locate the ideal one. Talking with strangers is, for many, a difficulty but at some point you will need to learn this skill.

When you think you have located a suitable exercise partner, invite them to the gym with you and tell them about your problem if you think it is acceptable. Another option is to post on social media asking if anyone would want to join you, and you could find that the other person is having the same difficulty as you. Even if you believe you do not require companionship, we believe you should locate someone since you may encounter difficulties, and that friend will be able to help you laugh it off.


Staying motivated and dedicated is a significant difficulty for a lot of people, but thankfully, there are a lot of methods to deal with it, solve it, or at least lessen the challenges it brings. Hopefully, you will discover what is most beneficial to you; nevertheless, bear in mind that your future health is what you are fighting for.


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