Top 8 Things To Do Before a Workout

The steps required before beginning your workout are just as important as the steps you take during a workout. Your pre-workout routines can also contribute to your exercise’s desired effects. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have a (mental or physical) checklist in place for aiding your pre-workout routine.

This article outlines the 8 things that you can do before working out in order to help you achieve the best results:

1. Natural Supplements

There is nothing more demotivating than psyching up for a good session and half-way through, you realise that you have depleted all the energy that you had and you struggle to continue. To aid in avoiding this, taking a natural pre-workout supplement can be a crucial element in ensuring you have the energy you need during your workout routine.

To eliminate the risks of experiencing any potential negative side-effects of chemically-added supplements, make sure to take natural products. With exercising comes the recommendation of a eating a healthy, balanced diet to complement the health benefits of exercising. Natural energy boosters, such as supplements, mean that you can stick to a natural diet plan while enjoying the energy benefits required for working out.

2. Drink Water

Dehydration can lead to muscle spasms, fatigue, dizziness, and in some cases fainting. Thus, you must drink water an hour before beginning your work out session (as well as during and after).

3. Breathing Exercises

Many people forget to properly fill up their lungs with air because of shallow breathing. If you mindfully inhale and hold your breath for a few seconds, then continue to exhale fully, you might realise that you were subconsciously holding your breath (or having shallower breaths).

4. Mentally Prepare

Mental preparation prior to a workout encourages motivation, focus, and determination. A workout may not always be physically comfortable, which can be a reason for reduced perform or the desire to ‘give up’.

Readiness for the coming exercise begins in the mind by focusing on the desired end goal and psyching up to push through the discomforts that may come with a workout. Negative self-talk or doubt can result in poor motivation and workout outcomes.

5. Social Support

Some people prefer to have a solo workout; however, others find that working out with peers keeps them motivated to continue through the whole workout session. If this is the case for you, you can join a fitness bootcamp, online fitness group, form a power walking group, or join a dance class, for example.

The togetherness can see you through the process of working out.

6. Create A Playlist

Some people are motivated by up-beat songs as part of their pre-workout and workout routines.

You can create a playlist that puts you in an upbeat mood.

As research demonstrates, this will positively influence your emotions and mindset to stay committed to your workout.

7. Conducive Environment

Different environments have different effects on exercisers. Some prefer to workout in the outdoors, whilst other prefers the indoors. Others find they work out better in a busy environment, such as the gym with music and surrounded by other exercisers, whilst some prefer a workout in the silence of their homes.

Find out which environment suits your workout style and enjoy the effectiveness it brings to your workout.

8. Fitness Gear

During your workout, it is important to war appropriate and comfortable clothing. Be sure to choose an outfit that fits and does not distract you by sliding off or shifting.

The effectiveness of your workout can be impacted by your ability to move. Make sure your outfit does not restrict you from reaching your fitness goals.


Overlooking the importance of a pre-workout routine can negatively affect your workout session. Make sure to take natural supplements for the energy boosts you need to sustain you during your session. Drink water prior to your workout to avoid dehydration that can cause muscle spasms and other health issues. Mentally prepare for your workout to be motivated and if you exercise better in a group, make sure to join one. Determine your conducive workout environment and if music encourages you to stay committed, create a playlist to get you going. Lastly, invest in well-fitted workout clothing for comfort, mobility, and flexibility during your workout.


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