Hiking – The Best Gateway To Fitness Training

At first glance, hiking might not strike you like the kind of endurance training that could take you to hero status.

While it might not be on the same level as a boot camp, hiking manages to instil in you some excellent habits, and it can serve to prepare you for more intensive training.

Here is more on the benefits of hiking and how it can help you.

Hiking is Better than Exercising Indoors

Anyone can argue that you can exercise anywhere; since exercising indoors may sound like the more convenient solution compared to going outside, it is a good idea to compare the two. According to a study that compared hiking to walking indoors on a treadmill, the former is much more enjoyable and helps you push harder.

The heartbeat was higher during hiking, which is a condition for improving your fitness level. And, of course, the fact that it is much better to have an enjoyable experience adds to that. In other words, you are more likely to go hiking again than walking aimlessly on a treadmill, no matter how convenient the latter may sound.

You do not Run the Same Risk of Injury as with other Sports

Hiking is not a high impact exercise, and that is a good thing, especially for people who just start. Many exercising regimens impose too high a rhythm to beginners, and the difficulty involved is one of the main reasons why so many people quit.

Hiking, on the other hand, does not impose such challenges. As mentioned earlier, it is a lot of fun. You only walk, and the impact on your joints is not as high as it would be when running or jumping.

But isn’t it less Efficient than Running?

Taking a good look at the numbers can tell you where you stand. Many people want to improve their fitness so that they are lean and good looking. That is why it is often used for weight loss. Comparing hiking and running, based on the number of calories burned, you will notice the differences right away.

During one hour of hiking, a 150-pound person burns up to 440 calories. For the same person, running for one hour can burn up to 1,100 calories. It is clear that running is more efficient. However, hiking for several hours is an enjoyable experience that many people can sustain, while running for the same duration is a feat only professional athletes can undertake.

There is No Monotony

No matter how diverse and challenging your fitness regimen, it tends to become boring after a while. That is quite the obstacle to overcome, hence the problem of being capable of sustaining such a program for a long time.

Boot camps shake things up and make them interesting, but before embarking on such an adventure, you can build strength and endurance by hiking regularly. One great thing about hiking is that the change in scenery and the pleasure of discovering new things keep the monotony away.

You can use hiking as a pretext to go bird watching, camping, or engage in other pleasant activities. Make sure to pack some binoculars with you, as you will be able to observe your surroundings better. Before getting a pair, make sure to run a comparison between the best products.

Numerous benefits for your health Hiking is beneficial for your overall well-being for multiple reasons. It helps you improve blood sugar levels, as well as blood pressure. Also, it is considered a great way of keeping heart diseases away. You will enjoy improved balance, a stronger core, and a better mood, and that without having to run on a treadmill or exercise to exhaustion.

As you can see hiking is extremely beneficial not only for fitness but also overall physical and mental health. There is no doubt it is worth giving a try if you have not already. If you are just starting I would suggest this article –  Hiking -In Depth Beginners Guide.


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