The First Woman is Set to Pass US Army Special Forces Training & Join the Green Berets

The first woman is expected to graduate from the US Army’s special forces, aka Green Beret, qualification course as a Special Forces engineer sergeant.

A US Army National Guard soldier is set to become the first female Green Beret in coming weeks, according to military officials, following the Pentagon’s opening of all combat and Special Operations jobs to women in 2016.

The woman, an enlisted soldier, is in the final stage of training before graduating from the roughly yearlong qualification course, or Q Course, as a Special Forces engineer sergeant.

Although soldiers have occasionally failed the course at this late stage of training or withdrawn because of injuries, her graduation is almost guaranteed, officials have said.

A spokesman for US Army Special Operations Command would not release any information on the soldier, citing security concerns.

The soldier is one of only a handful of women who have passed the initial 24-day assessment programme that acts as a screening process before the qualification course.

The week-long screening regimen tests candidates on fundamental military skills, including land navigation and marching with heavy combat gear before they are evaluated by Special Forces supervisors – and either denied entry or accepted into the qualification course.


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