Recovering from a Bootcamp Injury: A Few Takeaways

Bootcamp sessions can be gruelling, whether or not you are undergoing special forces training, you may not be spared from anything that could go wrong. Common injuries, such as bruises and ankle sprains, can be manageable but, for the more serious ones like fractures and skin ruptures, you may have to go through a lengthy recovery process.

Across the United States of America (USA), thousands of boot camp and obstacle course racing (ORC) enthusiasts and members of the armed forces have experienced both minor and major injuries at least once in their careers. And, while first aid is essential, it is also important to focus on recovery.

If it is not your first time experiencing a bootcamp injury or you are lucky enough to not have not experienced one yet, it is important to know the essential facts of nursing yourself back to health.

Here are three quick takeaways to help you recover from a serious injury.

1. Rest and Relax

This is a no-brainer. The best way you can recover from a serious injury quickly is to limit your movement (at least in the early period). Too much physical exertion while your body is healing can slow down the recovery process. For this reason, ample rest is needed to aid in regenerating damaged tissue and bone.

It is not necessary that you stay in bed the whole time. You only need to avoid strenuous tasks that could make the injury worse. But to be sure, you can always consult with your medical professional (e.g. doctor or physiotherapist) and see if there are things you can do while you are still in the recovery stage.

2. Go to Rehabilitation

Major back injuries and orthopaedic injuries require more than just a few days/weeks of bed rest. Recovery for these more serious injuries involves extensive therapy and treatment to fully heal. In such cases, it is always best to undergo rehabilitation, especially if the affected parts are still incapacitated.

There are plenty of rehab centres across the USA that specialise in various kinds of injuries, especially those that are related to boot camp training. In Pennsylvania, for instance, there is a Philadelphia rehab centre that is complete with the right facilities for treating spinal cord injuries.

3. Eat Right

While being rehabilitated for a serious injury, you will have to adopt a healthy diet that can aid you in your recovery. For this, you might want to avoid high-sodium, high-fat food. Instead opting for healthier alternatives that promote cell regeneration. Legumes such as red beans and unsalted peanuts are high in zinc and other minerals. Not only are they great replacements for your beloved snacks, they can also hasten tissue repair.

For injured muscles, of course you will have to consider eating protein-rich food, including lean meat and poultry. If you are planning to lose/maitain weight throughout the process, you may want to consider consuming tofu. Lastly, fibre-rich foods such as whole grains can also help you maintain your weight while your movements are limited.


With these quick tips in mind, you can improve your chances of a quick and effective recovery from your boot camp injury.

You will be running through obstacle courses or performing your boot camp activities in no time!


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