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Have you ever wondered why personal trainers seem to be so popular and very much in demand? If you have, then together we will try to determine in this article exactly what they do and how important they are.

What is a Personal Trainer (PT)?

Generally speaking, this name describes a person who has received some training in exercise and fitness, and is certified to prescribe fitness and exercise routines to others. The areas of training could also include nutrition, therapy and general health.

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Benefits of Working with a PT?

Although you can work on your exercise and fitness routines by yourself, working with a PT offers a lot of benefits. Let’s look at some of the benefits a PT can offer you.

Personal Trainer
  • Personalised Programme: Everyone is different and no one understands this better than a PT. One of the first things you will benefit here is a personalised training programme. This will be tailored to your unique needs and fitness goals. This is different from you just doing any routine you see just because you think it will work.
  • Motivation and Inspiration: You will not always feel like doing your exercise routines. A PT will motivate and inspire you to continue even when you do not feel like it. This ensures you maintain your routine at every time.
  • Achieving Fitness Goals Faster: Since your PT will always be there to push you to go on even when you do not feel like it, you will be consistent and, this will in turn, will help you achieve your goals faster.
  • You Achieve More: It is one thing to achieve a goal and another to exceed that goal. Working with a PT, you will never be allowed to stagnate. Your PT will always adjust your routines so that you are always pushing to achieve more. You will never be allowed to sit on your laurels.
  • Help With General Health: Your PT can also help you with more than just your exercise routines. Some of PT’s are also qualified to offer individualised nutritional and general health advice. You can benefit from their wealth of experience and expertise and improve not just your physical body but you general well-being.

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Choosing a Personal Trainer

Having looked at some of the benefits of working with a PT, it is obvious that these benefits will not be enjoyed with just any PT. There are certain criteria that a PT must possess to be able to offer these benefits. We will, therefore, now look at how to choose a PT who can offer these benefits.

Personal Trainer
  • Qualification: This is the very first thing you need to check for before signing up. It is not about the ripped muscles or 6-pack. You need to be sure the individual is fully certified and also know what areas they are qualified and certified in, and are ‘in-date’. While there are a number of certifications many of which may not be accredited, there are those that are accredited and carry some weight. Some of these include the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certification.
  • Experience: You most certainly do not want to be the guinea pig here. You therefore need someone who has the experience, having worked with many others before you. The more experience they have, the more likely they are to do a good job.
  • Areas of Specialty: Find out the prospective PT’s area(s) of specialty. Who you eventually choose should be one with a specialty or specialties that is right for your fitness goals.
  • Personality: This is an interesting point to consider. While this is not exactly something that has to do with professional qualification, it is also very important. Despite how qualified a personal trainer may be, you need to be sure that their personality is right for you or the whole relationship will not work perfectly.
  • Location: Where will the training be held? Will you be going to the PT or will they be coming to you? These are a few things you should consider based on your preference.
  • Availability: A good PT is likely going to be in high demand, so you want to be sure that any person you choose will be available for the periods you need them.
  • Cost: This of course is a critical factor which no one is likely to miss. Can you afford the PT’s fee? Your budget will most certainly determine who you eventually go for.

With these points, choosing a PT who is just right for you should be a lot easier. Get started and reap the full value of a personalised fitness training programme.


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