The British Army’s Performance Appraisal System: Linking the Appraiser & Appraisee

Research Paper Title

A Qualitative Study to Evaluate the Purpose and Comprehensiveness of the British Army’s Annual Individual Performance Appraisal System


The British Army has undergone a major restructuring programme in recent times, whilst trying to withdraw from a major theatre of conflict.

Their employees, the soldiers, are expected to deliver in diverse roles and perform to a high standard. Their performance will have an impact on the lives of those around them, if not properly managed.

A tool that is used is the performance appraisal, which formulises a soldier’s past performance and their prospects for the future. The Performance Appraisal System (PAS), when used correctly, can have a positive impact on a soldier’s motivation and provide a useful guidance tool for their future employability and development.

The research confirms what employees within the Army believe to be the purpose and comprehensiveness of the current PAS. The research ascertains whether the current PAS is a useful motivational tool and the overall effects the appraisal has toward performance.

This research highlights the need for competence and experience from the appraiser, whilst recognising that the appraisee must play an active role in ensuring that their goals, ambitions and needs are understood by their line manager.


Maxwell, T.D. (2015) A Qualitative Study to Evaluate the Purpose and Comprehensiveness of the British Army’s Annual Individual Performance Appraisal System. The International Journal of Business and Management. 3(4), pp.226-230.

Available from World Wide Web: [Accessed: 02 March, 2016].


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