2015 Fitness Exercise of the Year

Everyone Starts SomewhereJust like Christmas is a time for giving, January is the time for fitness fads by proselytising and superlative laden celebrities and fitness companies.

Well I’m going to add my two pence worth with, what I believe to be, a fantastically amazing and superb exercise; however, unlike those previously mentioned I won’t charge you a penny!

So what is my brilliant, seductive and outstanding exercise? The 100m ‘walking’ plank exercise.

If you don’t know what the Plank exercise is all about then look here to find out.

The walking plank can be performed in the comfort of your own home, providing you live in a mansion; otherwise you will need to scamper across to your local park (if you can remember where it is) and hope nobody happens to be walking their dog!

On a slightly sillier note, what does the exercise actually involve?

  1. Find a reasonably-sized area: preferably 100m in length, if not then you will need to do a relay method.
  2. Put yourself in the Plank position.
  3. Get ‘walking’.
  4. Time limit: <5 minutes.

Now some of you may think it is 01 April already, but hold that thought, I have the swooping fruit bat press-up lined up for that date.

Fruit Bats, Orphaned

Disclaimer: this exercise is performed at your own discretion.


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