What is Songun?

Introduction Songun is the “military-first” policy of North Korea, prioritising the Korean People’s Army in the affairs of state and allocation of resources. “Military-first” as a principle guides political and economic life in North Korea, with “military-first politics” dominating the political system; “a line of military-first economic construction” acting as an economic system; and “military-first… Read More


What is Japanese Militarism?

Introduction Japanese militarism (日本軍国主義, Nihon gunkoku shugi) refers to the ideology in the Empire of Japan which advocates the belief that militarism should dominate the political and social life of the nation, and the belief that the strength of the military is equal to the strength of a nation. Refer to Stratocracy and Songun. Brief… Read More

What is a Fiscal-Military State?

Introduction A fiscal-military state is a state that bases its economic model on the sustainment of its armed forces, usually in times of prolonged or severe conflict. Characteristically, fiscal-military states will subject citizens to high taxation for this purpose. Background In the past, states such as Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden, which were embroiled in… Read More