What was the Aetolian War (191-189 BC)?

Introduction The Aetolian War (191-189 BC) was fought between the Romans and their Achaean and Macedonian allies, and the Aetolian League and their allies the kingdom of Athamania. The Aetolians had invited Antiochus III the Great to Greece, who came, but after his defeat by the Romans returned to Asia. This left the Aetolians and… Read More


What was the Seleucid War (192-188 BC)?

Introduction The Seleucid War (192-188 BC) – also known as the Roman-Seleucid War, War of Antiochos, or the Syrian War – was a military conflict between two coalitions led by the Roman Republic and the Seleucid Empire. The fighting took place in modern day southern Greece, the Aegean Sea and Asia Minor. The war was… Read More