Do Larger Portion Sizes Lead to Overeating?

Larger portions, packages, and tableware lead to higher consumption of food and drink, a Cochrane review has found (Hollands et al., 2015). The research said that eliminating larger portions from the diet could reduce energy intake by up to 16% (roughly 279 kilocalories a day) among UK adults or by up to 29% (roughly 527… Read More


How Much is the Food in your Cupboards Worth?

I have just watched an interview on the BBCs Breakfast programme for the new TV Series ‘Eat Well For Less’. Traditionally, the argument about food is around the elements of portion size, fat content etc. This programme is somewhat different in that it looks at the amount of food a family already has in their… Read More

Meal Portions are Getting Bigger

The British Heart Foundation has called for the Government to review its information on typical portion sizes after finding that some ready meals and other foods have increased in size by nearly 100% in 20 years (BHF, 2013). An investigation found that individual shepherd’s pies had increased in size by 98% since 1993, chicken curry… Read More