How Much is the Food in your Cupboards Worth?

I have just watched an interview on the BBCs Breakfast programme for the new TV Series ‘Eat Well For Less’.

Traditionally, the argument about food is around the elements of portion size, fat content etc. This programme is somewhat different in that it looks at the amount of food a family already has in their cupboards and how much they buy each week on top of this.

I was astonished to find a family going to the supermarket to get their weekly shop (approximately £150), when they already had (the cash equivalent of) £1000 worth of food in their cupboards! The presenters of the programme stated that some families spend more on their monthly food bill than their mortgage payments.

I was also amazed to witness the amount of food that was out of date, and by how long. The family suggested they were careful when shopping, using a shopping list, despite evidence to the contrary.

Ultimately, the family had no idea how much money they had spent on food over the years, or how much was in their cupboards.

Do you know how much food is in your cupboards and how much it is worth? Food for thought indeed!

Eat Well For Less is being broadcast on BBC1 at 8pm on Thursdays, starting 29 Jan.


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