What was the Achaean War (146 BC)?

Introduction The Achaean War of 146 BC was fought between the Roman Republic and the Greek Achaean League, an alliance of Achaean and other Peloponnesian states in ancient Greece. It was the final stage of Rome’s conquest of mainland Greece, taking place just after the Fourth Macedonian War (150-148 BC). Rome and Achaea had been… Read More


What was the Battle of Pydna (148 BC)?

Introduction The Battle of Pydna was fought in 148 BC between Rome and the forces of the Macedonian leader Andriscus. The Roman force was led by Quintus Caecilius Metellus, and was victorious. The result of the battle played an important role in deciding the outcome of the Fourth Macedonian War. This battle annihilated the last… Read More

What was the Fourth Macedonian War (150-148 BC)?

Introduction The Fourth Macedonian War (150 BC to 148 BC) was fought between the Roman Republic and a Macedonian uprising led by the Macedonian pretender to the throne, Andriscus. Pretending to be a descendant of the former ruling dynasty of Macedon, the Antigonid dynasty which had been deposed by the Romans after the Third Macedonian… Read More

What were the Macedonian Wars (214-148 BC)?

Introduction The Macedonian Wars (214-148 BC) were a series of conflicts fought by the Roman Republic and its Greek allies in the eastern Mediterranean against several different major Greek kingdoms. They resulted in Roman control or influence over the eastern Mediterranean basin, in addition to their hegemony in the western Mediterranean after the Punic Wars.… Read More