How Hemp and CBD Oils Could Benefit those in the Military

Both hemp oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil are gaining popularity among athletes and other individuals who live active lifestyles, putting their body through physical stress (recreational or work-related) on a daily basis. Similarly, the potential benefits to those working or serving in the military seem obvious. However, there are several questions that arise when contemplating… Read More


Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) & the UK Armed Forces: A Phantom Menace?

Research Paper Title Phantom menace: novel psychoactive substances and the UK Armed Forces. Abstract Novel psychoactive substances (NPS) encompass a large group of synthesised compounds specifically designed to mimic traditional recreational drugs. Current UK Armed Forces compulsory drug testing does not screen for these substances, making them tempting to the small proportion of UK Armed… Read More

Is Exercise Referral for Drug Users Aged 40 and Over Beneficial?

Research Paper Title Exercise referral for drug users aged 40 and over: results of a pilot study in the UK. Objectives To test whether older drug users (aged 40 and over) could be recruited to an exercise referral (ER) scheme, to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability and measure the impact of participation on health. The… Read More