Outline of the British Armed Forces Recruitment & Selection Process

Below is a brief outline of the British Armed Forces recruitment and selection process. Attraction method. Call centre contact. Basic filter checks: pass/fail. Personal details contact. Residency application required? Eligibility trade test: pass/fail. Selection interview: pass/fail. Medical: pass/fail. Fitness test: pass/fail. Security checks: pass/fail. Pre-joining course: pass/fail. Enlist and start training. Detailed information on the… Read More


Joining the Military & Your Future Job: Assigned or Chosen?

Having browsed a number of military and military-related forums regarding recruitment and selection, I noticed the same (two-part) question popping up: Do they assign you a role, or do you choose the role yourself? If you apply as an officer but don’t succeed (e.g. insufficient leadership skills) do they encourage you to apply again as… Read More

What is the BARB Test?

The British Army Recruit Battery or BARB Test is a computer-based, psychometric assessment that was developed by the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) and Plymouth University. It is a series of timed questions that assess a candidate’s ability to absorb information quickly, accurately and logically. The computer automatically calculates the candidate’s score, based on the number of… Read More