Fitness Boot Camps Around The World

Although fitness boot camps and military-style fitness have their origins in the United States, they have managed to successfully ‘invade’ almost every corner of the planet. Today we are going to share with you a few of the most interesting fitness boot camp locations from across the globe.

If, after the tribulations of the last 18 months, you are (finally) getting ready to travel someplace nice and you would also like to squeeze in some exercise in an amazing team environment, check out the following destination recommendations. Also, to simplify things, see that you pack all of your exercise equipment and think about shipping your luggage using a professional service so it can safely reach your destination prior to your arrival. Travel light and with more peace of mind knowing your bags will receive special treatment and your vacation will not be ruined by a missing bag or a heavy suitcase filled with dumbbells!

St. Vincent: Pirates of the Caribbean and Boot Camp

Of all the places on this planet, this is definitely one of the most iconic, breath-taking, and surprising locations to find a fitness boot camp. The volcanic St. Vincent Island is found in the beautiful Caribbean Sea, right in between Grenada and Saint Lucia. If you are familiar with the Pirates of the Caribbean series, you will immediately recognise the location from the movies, as it has been used as a filming set.

Since 2012, two UK-based Fitness 4 instructors have teamed up with Buccament Bay Resort for the Boot Camp programme. Having formerly served in the British Royal Marines, Tim Bishop and Carl Millington utilise their service experience as well as graduate-level education in fitness and nutrition. The powerhouse duo aim to assist Buccament Bay Resort guests with their individual goals, and also teach tips and techniques that can be utilized following the programme.

With the guidance of these two experienced personal trainers, “Buccament Bay Boot Camp” offers a different itinerary each day to keep things interesting. There are a variety of programmes that can last for 5, 6, 10 or 12 days and you will have your pick between regular daily workouts, circuit training sessions, loads of obstacle courses, swimming in the gorgeous Caribbean, plenty of team games, yoga, and boxing. Others include an invigorating hike to the active La Soufriere volcano, or a picturesque speed walk at the nearby Vermont Nature Trails. On-property workout options abound at Buccament Bay Resort, from a refreshing swim at the property’s private beach to an intense match at the Pat Cash Tennis Academy or plyometrics and scrimmage at the Liverpool FC Soccer Academy.

Fitness Boot Camp in the Rolling Hills of Kent, England

Fewer things are more relaxing or pleasant to watch roll past than the vivid hills in lush farmland in Kent, England. you can discover these sites at the female-only G.I. Janes Bootcamp. You can choose between a 3-day and a 7-day course here and benefit from the intensive training supervised by a team of professionals that will make it their absolute goal to get you fit, help you lose weight, and make you feel more empowered than ever.

One of the greatest advantages of this camp is the fact that you will enjoy the chance to work with small groups, which means you will be given the same amount of attention as the rest of the participants. The training should also keep you on your toes thanks to the variety of workouts you will discover here, on top of the meditation classes, special nutritional advice tips, and amazing life coaching that will help you kickstart a new life.

Algarve: Taking Your Fitness to a Whole New Level

If you have visited Portugal or have it on your bucket list, you have probably done all the research and you are familiar with the most popular destination in the country that attracts millions of tourists every year: the Algarve. More than 7 million Algarve visitors are eager to bathe in the sunshine, lie on the golden beaches, and enjoy a bite or two of some of the most delicious local dishes there.

If you are thinking about joining them, make sure you also add the spectacular Luxury Algarve Bootcamp to your list of things to visit in the region. We guarantee you are going to love trying out their training and advanced nutrition classes that will help you reach new fitness peaks you never thought were possible, to begin with. Portugal is truly a magical place and the special boot camp programme you will discover here will feature loads of fitness and health evaluations with trained nutritionists, as well as two boot camp classes a day, including Pilates, yoga, jogging, beach boxing, swimming, mountain biking, resistance, or circuit training.

St. Pete Beach in Florida

St. Pete Beach in Florida is another excellent vacation destination where you will come across a cool fitness boot camp: Getaway Fitness’ boot camp part of the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort. In between two training sessions, you will get the chance to sit on the white sandy beaches, admire the clear waters of the gulf while sunbathing and enjoying your vacation.


Choose your favorite location and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable experience on your next vacation. We guarantee you will come back with extra muscles, not pounds! 


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