Is There a Link between Sleep Problems, Military Culture, & Deployment History?

According to a Rand Corps study conducted in 2015, approximately one-third of troops from all branches of the military reported averaging a total of 5 hours of sleep or less each night. Meanwhile, only 37 percent reported getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

The study, which had a sample size of 2,000 troops, also found that 17 percent of service members said their sleep issues harmed their ability to complete daily responsibilities.

Additionally, the study suggested that military culture, not deployment history, was a source contributing to sleep issues service members experienced. “Sleep problems, including poor sleep quality, short sleep duration, and fatigue, were prevalent regardless of deployment history,” the report said. “This suggests that sleep problems may be endemic to military culture and not solely the result of being deployed.”


Correll, D.S. (2020) The Air Force Wants To Know More About Airmen’s Sleep Patterns. Air Force Times. 20 January 2020, pp.8.


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