How to Exercise While Camping

People may say that vacation means no obligations and no exercising. Not even to stretch a little or to practice yoga in the morning. But morning practice will help us relax; and it will connect us with nature and the place we came to. Outdoor recreation awakens optimism and strengthens our will. In addition, exposure to sun promotes vitamin D synthesis, has a calming effect on the complete organism and harmonises the biological rhythm that is important for the proper functioning of the central organs.

Bring Basic Essentials for the Trip

This is not just about clothes and shoes, but about your favourite exercise equipment, which does not require a lot of space in your suitcase. You are going to need durable camping gear which you can find at TheGearHunt and with it some exercise Bands, push-pull handles, jump rope, and a yoga mat. This will further motivate you to do mini exercises daily wherever you are. No matter where you are going, this equipment will allow you to have 30-60 minutes of an active training session. And if you need weights for your exercises you can always use water bottles.

Reset Your Expectations

You can not expect that you will be able to do full training while on a camping trip, as if you were at home. So don’t set unrealistic expectations about it. From 40% to 50% of those exercises that you normally do at home are quite enough to keep you in good shape while you are on your camping trip. Look in advance how you would like to design your training.

Make the Most of Your Day

If you do not have the time to find the equipment you will need, do not worry. The human body is the perfect exercise machine. A workout without weights is a purely body-weight oriented workout that can consist of press-ups, squats, and pull-ups. There are a number of body weight exercises that are great for putting on fresh stimuli and protecting existing muscle mass! Cardio training can be done in the form of jumping jacks or “pushing the wall” (in this case probably a tree) by lifting your legs high.

Are you camping near the beach? Use it! It is scientifically proven that walking on this type of substrate burns calories 2 times more than walking on any other substrate. Hiking is also a great activity if you are in an atypical location that does not include the sea and the beach. Mountain adventure lovers will enjoy walking together. This will activate all muscle groups at the same time. It is a great workout.

Be the Adventurous Spirit

If you are visiting your vacation area for the first time, there is certainly something new to see. Be active from early morning. Explore your surroundings! Bring your pedometer too so you can monitor your progress every day.

There are various creative opportunities to combine sports and recreation on vacation. Ask what kind of recreation you can do in the place where you travel. Extreme sports are something that is and will be quite popular in the future. Half an hour a day of some uncharacteristic activity is enough for you to maintain your fitness level. If you want to do without strength training on holiday, you can also use other sports and leisure activities on holidays, such as a hike, beach volleyball, light jogging, light swimming training in the sea or a river. Again, the rule is not to overdo it, nor to develop false ambition. Above all, the training on holiday should be fun and provide a change of familiar routine you have at home.


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