Leading the Charge…

“[Major‐General Sir Harry] Smith attacked with infantry and drove [the Sikhs] out of All despite stubborn counterattacks. With strong cavalry and artillery support, the British rolled up the Sikh line and Smith, leading the last charge in person, drove them headlong over the difficult ford of the broad Sutlej. The Duke of Wellington told the House of Lords: ‘I never read an account of any affair in which an officer has shown himself more capable than this officer did of commanding troops in the field.”

All, First Sikh War, Punjab, India, 28 Jan 1846 ‐ Brigadier Peter Young (1978), A Dictionary of Battles, 1816‐1976.

Brigadier Peter Young, DSO, MC & Two Bars (1915 to 1988) was a British Army officer who, during the Second World War, served with distinction with the British Commandos.

Subsequently, he went on to command a regiment of the Arab Legion before leaving the Army to become a lecturer at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

In later life he founded The Sealed Knot, and became a well-known military historian and author. The Sealed Knot is a British historical association and charity, with many members from outside the United Kingdom, dedicated to costumed re-enactment of battles and events surrounding the English Civil War.


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