Military-Connected Students Go to the University of Chicago

Obviously, every university wants only the most brilliant and gifted students to join its community. That is why the application process consists of many stages and includes some time-consuming and difficult assignments. The University of Chicago is not an exception. With an acceptance rate of 7.2%, it seems challenging to enrol there. All the applicants will have to work hard to reach this goal. However, you know what you are fighting for, as this college has already helped 89 individuals to win the Nobel Prize. The level of knowledge you get here is definitely worth the effort. Military-affiliated students can count on a warm welcome as well if they fulfil all the requirements.

No matter where you decide to go to study, you will have to submit an essay about your uniqueness and interest in this particular college. Of course, every person is unique but, your task is to find the right words and literary techniques to impress the committee with your story. The essays you have written in school are not as hard to cope with because the stakes are not this high. If you worry about the result and are not confident about your writing skills, use UChicago essay prompts to get a better outcome. The University of Chicago essay prompts will save you time and nerves. When you have an idea of what a stand-out essay looks like, it is easier to conquer your fears and start writing. One of the points of your essay should definitely be about the specifics of your choice. To simplify the task you can look for why UChicago essay examples and use some fresh ideas.

Benefits for Military-Affiliated Students

Many universities nowadays introduce helpful programs and resources for students connected with the military environment. For example, the State University of New York cares about student veterans and is going to improve the campus mental health care. The University of Chicago has opened the Office for Military-Affiliated Communities that has a goal of expanding a variety of programmes and partnerships. It is a reassuring fact that scientific communities pay attention to this and do everything to improve the current situation.

If you want to go to college that offers some special privileges, learn more about the available resources before committing to one of the educational institutions. Some university students do not get enough information about their colleges because they think that it is not that valuable. They are happy with what they already have. Nonetheless, there are many things that universities implement. Look for the information about university unions, special programmes that help you improve the level of comfort. Do not miss the benefits just because you do not pay enough attention to the campus news. The best-case scenario is if you know someone who already goes to the college of your interest and can share some insider facts about it with you. If not, you can rely on the reviews and feedback from students available online. It is a less trustworthy source but still can give you valuable insights.

Other Alternatives

If you think that college life is not for you and you want something different, you can find a couple of interesting alternatives.

You might think that the daily college routine is quite boring and lacks some exciting and energy-charged aspects. In this case, you can consider going to one of the military academies that you find to be appealing.

To get there, you will have not only to submit the results of your tests but also have a medical exam and fitness assessment. It is logical because everybody has to be sure you will be able to maintain the required level of physical activity. All in all, your life in a military academy will have many differences from the one you could experience in college.

Therefore, be thorough when making a decision. Every academy has its own benefits and drawbacks. If you struggle with making the right choice, make a list of pros and cons. It is a trivial approach but can make you see a bigger picture.

The perfect choice is the one you make with your heart and mind (relying on the facts you have).


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