Ways to Preserve Your Achievements Through Memorabilia

Having the urge to store away things that remind us of a specific event, occurrence or milestone is something that is universally relatable; because there’s not a person on the planet that does not associate some object or another with an event that is close to their heart and takes them back to a well-kept memory.

Whether you are a mother that keeps her children’s things to remind them of their achievements as they grow up or an adult that experienced a milestone or even an event that you would like to remember for the rest of your life, or even if it is merely an object that reminds you of someone, regardless of whether they are still around or not, keeping memorabilia is something that we continue to do throughout our lives, for a number of reasons.

The only challenge one might face here, is really how to keep any given memorabilia in a way that it stays preserved.

Children’s Memories & Achievements

This is probably the hardest lot to get through, because if you are a parent, you know that you are (probably) very guilty of hoarding pretty much everything your child does.

It is extremely important to sit down and really go through everything so that you know what exactly is worth keeping so that you can actually preserve it in the correct way for yourself, your children, and generations to come after that!

Try your best to stick to certificates and medals, as well as things that they may have made and created themselves. The best way to preserve artwork and certificates is to either laminate and keep in a file that is exclusively for this, or if there are not that many, then you can resort to framing them so that they do not get damaged over the years.

It is advisable that you have a closet/cupboard dedicated to keeping all of these memories, or perhaps you can place them neatly in plastic storage boxes and put them either in the attic or even just under the bed.

Blasts from the Past

Whether you are a person that has been through a trying time or have someone in your family that has gone through something like a war or served any kind of service for their country, there will always be reminders of these experiences and their achievements.

If you happen to have medals and items that belong to a relative, and they are not kept properly, then look into Military Shadow Boxes.

These are custom made boxes that are made specifically to keep these items for military men after retirement, and are really a special way to keep these things preserved for generations to come.

The Digital Era

You are bound to have mountains upon mountains of pictures, certificates, artwork, and so on that you want to somehow keep forever in mint condition.

While this is doable if you work on scrapbooking, which is a ton of fun to do with the family, before doing that, you should consider scanning everything and keeping a digital copy of it so it is immortalised in a way that keeps its quality perfect for years upon years to come.

There are so many perks that come with this because you can give it even more substance by making audio recordings to accompany the videos or pictures and add even more features to it, all you need to do is get down to a bit of research.

Preserving your Past for the Future

We live in a time where we can make things from our past and from our relative’s pasts live on forever in a way that maintains and preserves its content and value.

Aside from that, if you are wise and practical in picking and choosing what is worth keeping and preserving then you will not have an overload of items, getting rusty and old or torn and tattered because you will be able to really focus on having quality preservation for the memories you and your family can cherish and pass on to many generations to come.


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