The Best Military Academies in the USA

Studying at a military academy is a bit different from going to a traditional college or university. What is more, the application process differs as well. You will need to pass a medical exam and undergo a candidate fitness assessment in addition to submitting the results of your standardised tests.

Here is the list of the military academies in the United States of America that are considered the best ones in the country. Take your time to choose a military school you want to attend. This is a very serious decision which is why it is totally understandable if you want to conduct thorough research first.

The first academy to mention in regards to the topic in question is the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York. It is the oldest educational institution of this kind. Apart from acquiring common knowledge and learning traditional subjects, students are also focused on studying military tactics at school during their academic year. What is vital to highlight is that it is also one of the most selective academies in the country.

The next military school to mention is the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Officers who study at this school will continue their service in the United States Navy or the United States Marine Corps.

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The United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado is another prominent military academy in the country. It is also one of the newest military schools in the country. Students who graduate from this school receive a Bachelor of Science degree. What is particularly interesting about this academy is that it has the highest admissions bar among the top five military academies in the United States.

The United States Coast Guard Academy is another prominent military educational institution. It is located in New London, Connecticut. Statistical data state that eighty percent (80%) of its students continue studying at the graduate school. What is more, in most cases it is funded by the Academy.

The final military educational institution to dwell upon is the United States Merchant Marine Academy located in Kings Point, New York. Students in this military school get relevant knowledge and experience in such fields as transportation and shipping. In addition to this, a person who graduates from this academy typically has more opportunities than students who have graduated from other military schools mentioned above.

Taking everything into consideration, there are five most prominent military academies in the United States of America. The admissions process is rather difficult as submitting your test scores is not enough. An applicant is required to demonstrate that they are fit and healthy. That is why all these schools have a medical exam and a candidate fitness assessment. The better your results, the more chances you have to be enrolled.

The best advice for an applicant who wants to apply to a military academy is to start working on their application and general fitness early, especially if you feel like you need to improve your results.

The military academies listed in this article are considered to be the most prestigious ones in the United States of America and, consequently, entry is very competitive. If you want to become a student at one of these schools, learn as much as possible about the academy and its admissions process.


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