Does Brazilian Jui-Jitsu Training Improve Functional Fitness in Elderly Men?

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12 Weeks of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu Training Improves Functional Fitness in Elderly Men.


Worldwide, there are up to 900 million people over 60 years old, of which more than half are physically inactive.

Low physical fitness seems to be the major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and mortality in this population.

Alternative methods of exercise, such as martial arts, may be an option to improve physical fitness in the elderly.

This study aimed to verify the effects of Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) training on the functional fitness of elderly men.


Sixty-two elderly men were divided in two groups (experimental and control). The experimental group was submitted to a 12-week intervention of BJJ (2 times week-1; 90-min session-1). Physical fitness tests and anthropometric measurements were performed before and after intervention in both groups.


No statistical differences were found between groups before and after the intervention. The experimental group improved in all performed physical fitness tests. Effect size showed that intervention had a small effect on upper body flexibility; a moderate effect for upper body strength, lower body flexibility, and motor agility/dynamic balance; and a large effect on lower body strength and aerobic endurance.


BJJ seems to improve functional fitness in elderly men and maybe an alternative method to enhance this population’s health and quality of life.


de Queiroz, J.L., Sales, M.M., Sousa, C.V., da Silva Aguiar, S., Asano, R.Y. & de Moraes, J.F.V.N. (2016) 12 Weeks of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu Training Improves Functional Fitness in Elderly Men. Sport Sciences for Health. DOI 10.1007/s11332-016-0287-8.


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