How Do You Get Your Gym Staff to Work Harder?

Here are some quick tips to aid in getting your gym staff to work harder.

1. Show Trust in Them and Their Capabilities

Raise your hand if your are micro-manager?

If nothing gets done around the gym without your say-so, then you probable are.

If you are, then your staff will not be able to take the initiative to get things done themselves.

By showing your employees that you trust them to take the lead on things, they will work harder and think of new ways to bring better service to clients.

2. Lead by Example

Remember, you are the boss.

This means that part of your job is being a good role model for your employees.

If your staff sees you slacking off, they are likely to do the same.

If you are not committed, they will be able to see that.

If they think that you are not serious about the business, they will definitely undermine their own responsibilities.

Always be the example that they live up to!

3. Listen

If you do not listen to your staff, expect them to do the same to you.

They will be less likely to want to do anything you say when they feel like their voices are not being heard.

Standards may slip and customers may leave (due to poor service).

Start creating a culture of inclusiveness in your business.

Make it a habit to listen to what your employees are saying and take the time to address their concerns to let them know that you are there for them.

Now, step back and watch this do wonders for their morale and productivity.

4. Give Them Credit

Give your staff positive feedback on a frequent basis.

This helps them self-improve, feel empowered, and feel valued.

An empowered employee is not only one that was trained to do their job well, but one that feels supported.

Without clear goals and support, they will not do more than they have to.

5. Reward Good Behaviour

We have all been there, and we all know for a fact that working long days at a fitness facility can get tiring.

If your employees are working hard for nothing other than a pay check at the end of the month, they will be less likely to give the business more than what is required of them.

So, try to come up with some great incentives to show that you appreciate them – which can also encourage them to do more.

For example, offer:

  • Free healthy snacks;
  • A nights stay at a local hotel; or
  • A voucher for them to buy something nice for themselves.

6. Treat your Staff like Customers!

When a customer comes into your gym, you are going to greet them by saying “hello”, do the same with your staff.

You would not ignore a customer, so do not ignore your staff.

You might be paying your staff their wages, but they are ‘paying you’ with their time, commitment, skills, attitude, knowledge, etc.

Viewing employees through a customer lens can create a more engaged workforce.

Some businesses spend considerable time and effort measuring the customer experience but almost nothing on the employee experience.


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